One in a Million

Minnesota – The Land of 10,000 Lakes, the State of Hockey, the home of the movie Fargo…wait. Fargo isn’t in Minnesota, dontcha-know.

Maven – An expert or connoisseur, one who is experienced or knowledgeable. Sounds good.

I am from Minnesota. I have spent most of my life in this incredible state. A maven? Sure. Well, ‘of what’ you might ask.

I love my family. I have a hard working, loving wife and arguably the world’s most amazing child (challenge accepted), who is 3, going on 12.

I love the Minnesota seasons. When we get them. The springs and falls are unbeatable (although never long enough). The summers bring an incredible amount of outdoor activities with them. And the winters cap it all off and wipe the slate clean for another year.

I love sports. I love camping, fishing (on water and ice), hunting, ATVing, going “up north”, attending our many county fairs and the great MN State Fair, and anything else that takes our family out and about.

I love technology. I love learning about the incredible things that Google, Apple, Virgin, SpaceX, Amazon and the like are doing to move our world in amazing directions. I believe Exponential Organizations will rule the future, and cannot wait to see how they adapt the world as we know it. I am a technology and information geek and am proud of it.

I love learning. I have worked in electrical engineering, sales, marketing and product management roles. I work for a software company and love it, as it blends my outside interests with my career. I love cloud computing, the internet of things, and open source platforms that are disrupting the global economy before our eyes. I love to write and give life to words on a page (or a screen).

Oh. And I love food too. New restaurants, old restaurants, steaks on the grill, s’mores over the campfire. It’s all good.

This blog is one in a million. But it’s my one in a million. And if you share a passion, interest or even a distaste for any of the above, there is probably a reason for you to check back every once in a while. I sincerely hope you do.




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